Ben’s 205th Marathon

Well, the Millie’s did Ben proud today. We had a great turnout and support given we are a small club.  Thanks to Captain Pat for running the full route and Jim R for cycling whole route and keeping spirits up! Thanks to Paul M for taking a half day and running 16.5 miles to support Ben on the post lunch leg.  And thanks to Paul W for supporting us with teas & coffee on the first leg. (Rumours are you learned how to make coffee today! If true, well done, it was perfect!😂)

Thanks also to Sarah and Lorna for their support. Cafe Zest at Lomond Shores provided excellent and complimentary sustenance for the lads to keep their energy levels up and also provided drinks for the other members of the party who were visiting Ben on his lunch stop. We are extremely grateful for their generosity!

Dumbarton Reporter photographer arrived at Lomond Shores for a group photo. Will post when in newspaper.

We maybe asked to support Ben on a further run later in the year (July) where he will be running around the Luss area and it’ll be on a Saturday. I’ll keep everyone posted and hopefully be able to provide even more support next time!

Well Done Millies!!


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