Balloch Park Cross Country

Sat 12th Dec, 9:00 am start, hope to see you there

Club runs

Outdoor athletics and running activity are permitted as long as guidance below is followed.

You are not allowed to participate if you:

•  Have Covid-19 symptoms

• Someone in your household has Covid-19 symptoms

• If you have been asked to self-isolate at home by the Scottish Government Test and Protect system

• Have returned from a country which is not on the exemption from quarantine list in the last 14 days

Before & After activity;

• Aim to arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to activity

• Once training has finished leave promptly and maintain physical distancing.

• Hands should be washed and/or sanitised as soon as possible.

• Ensure personal kit and equipment is cleaned thoroughly after use.

• If you become unwell after training, you should first contact your GP/NHS 24 and then inform your club.

During the activity;

Be aware of other members of the public using the same space you are training in. The group should follow physical distancing applicable to the COVID Level in place, and which does not cause unnecessary risk or anxiety to members of the public.

Participants must practice good respiratory hygiene during the activity (i.e. coughing, sneezing, spitting into a tissue or the crook of an elbow).

Level 0, 1 & 2 – Max group size 15, Field of play bubbles are permitted with no physical distancing required during the activity.

Level 3 – Max group size 15, Field of play bubbles are permitted with no physical distancing required during the activity. Where athletes aged 18+ may be in close contact for an extended period of time (e.g. longer than 15 minutes) we strongly recommend enforcing physical distancing.

Level 4 – Max group size 8, Field of play bubbles suspended for those aged 18+ they must follow 2m side by side & 5m single file.

Only Club members may take part. Attendance to be taken and records kept for 21 days.

Please refer to the Scottish Athletics Website for full details, Link…

Duathlon results

Cool, misty and windless, good day for a race, thanks to Jim for timekeeping, slight change to the run route through Balloch and a longer cycle route adding a loop through Gartocharn, an extra 4 to 5 miles.

By Finish Time;

Frazer 1:30:50, Roberta 1:31:10, Pat 1:35:00, Steve M 1:37:32, Steph 1:38:56, Andy 1:42:29

By Actual Time (Run/Cycle/Total);

Roberta 30:08/46:02/1:16:10, Steve M 30:05/52:27/1:22:32, Steph 30:59/52:57/1:23:56, Frazer 34:37/51:13/1:25:50, Pat 35:50/59:10/1:35:00, Andy 33:36/1:03:53/1:37:29

Duathlon – 7th Nov

Club Duathlon will be on Saturday the 7th Nov

10 Mile Handicap Results

Perfect conditions for running, thanks to Jim and Chris for timekeeping, hope it wasn’t too cool, thanks to Elaine for home baking.

Reuslts by finish time;

Roberta 1:26:00, Colin 1:26:45, Steve M 1:26:49, Pat 1:28:26, Andy 1:28:59, Steph 1:30:05

Results by runtime;

Steve M 1:14:49, Roberta 1:17:00, Steph 1:19:05, Colin 1:23:45, Andy 1:24:59, Pat 1:28:26

10 Mile Handicap

Sunday 11th, 1st off at 9:00 am

5 Mile Handicap results

Cool running tonight, thanks again to Jim and Chris for keeping order and time!

Results by finish time;

Roberta 41:23, Stevie C 41:25, Yvonne 41:38, Pat 41:39, Elaine 41:50, Steph 42:11, Colin 42:18, Stevie M 42:35, Andy 42:52, Frazer 43:42

Results by runtime;

Steve M 35:35, Steph 36:11, Roberta 36:23, Elaine 37:50, Stevie C 38:25, Andy 39:52, Colin 40:18, Yvonne 41:38, Pat 41:39, Frazer 42:42

10 Mile Handicap next, Sat/Sun AM in October, please let us know dates that suit/don’t suit over the next week or so!

Riverbank 5k results

Thanks again to Jim and Chris for timekeeping, good to see you guys and a good night for our 5k.

Staggered start off 0, 2 and 4 minutes gave everyone someone to run away from &/or chase!


Steve M 21:21, Roberta 21:50, Steph 22:05, Lins 22:13, Stevie C 23:18, Andy 23:19, Frazer 24:51, Pat 25:10, Yvonne 25:12

5 mile handicap next Thursday, slight route change due to the roadworks on the bridge, map to follow!

10K Results

Thanks to Jim and Chris for timekeeping, nice night for it.

Results, Ally 46:00, Steph 46:11. Elaine 47:07, Andy 50:35, Stevie C 50:36, Pat 54:11, Yvonne 55:54, Lins 55:58.

See you next Thursday for the 5k.

Stoneymollan Results

Great conditions for tonight’s race for Alex’s trophy. Misty on top with plenty of mud, heather and ferns, no-one admitted to getting lost!

Results By finish time;

Luke 49:51, Lorna 50:16, Steph 53:28, Steve M 54:06, Andy 54:52, Stevie C 55:31

Results by runtime;

Luke 44:51, Lorna 45:16, Steph 45:28, Steve M 46:06, Andy 51:52, Stevie C 55:31

Next up are the road races, the 10k first on Thurs 10th Sept.