5 Mile Handicap results

By finish time; Steve 40:36, Elaine 41:46, Ally 41:50, Pat 41:57, Steph 42:13, Andy 43:39

By run time; Steve 34:36, Ally 34:50, Elaine 35:46, Steph 37:13, Andy 39:39, Pat 41:57

September Runs and Races

Tues 30/08, Easy Run RTV, Thurs 01/09, Steady Run Auchencarroch, Back o Haldane, Balloch Park

Tues 06/09 Steady Run Riverbank Run, Thurs 08/09 Steady Run Pappert, possible new XC route recce

Tues 13/09 Steady Run Arden Roundabout, Thurs 15/09 Easy Run RTV

Sat 17/09, Arrochar 10k https://www.entrycentral.com/Arrochar_10k

Tues 20/09 Steady Run Carman/Tontine/Cycle Path to Balloch, Thurs 22/09 Easy Run RTV

Sat 24/09 Hel n Back https://www.entrycentral.com/helnback

Tues 27/09 Easy Run 3 Parks, Thurs 29/09 CLUB RACE 5 Mile Handicap

Ted Baker results

Results from tonight’s Ted Baker Pappert Well race, great effort by all runners who ploughed through plenty of mud, crossed fallen trees, navigated hidden paths while being chased along by a wee thunderstorm and a monsoon.

Handicap winner Bobby!

By finish time; Bobby 1:10:00, Luke 1:10:43, Pat 1:11, Steve 1:13:18, Steph 1:13:58, Ally 1:19:40, Andy 1:22:58

By Run Time; Luke 42:43, Steph 47:58, Steve 48:18, Ally 55:40, Andy 59:58, Pat 1:03:00, Bobby 1:10:00

August Runs and Races

Tues 02/08 Steady Run CP to Dton, back via Dton GC, Thurs 04/08 Steady Run Whinny Hill, meet 6pm Balloch Park Gates

Tues 09/08 Steady Run Arden Roundabout, Thurs 11/08 Steady Run Ben Bowie

Sat 13/08/2022 RACE Luss Lollipop https://westerlandsccc.co.uk/club-races/luss-lollipop/

Tues 16/08 Steady Run RTV, Thurs 18/08 CLUB RACE Pappert Well

Tues 23/08 Steady Run 3 Parks, Thurs 25/08 Away Day Dumgoyne

10k Results

Scott 46:06, Ally 46:33, Stevie 48:02, Steph 48:54, Andy 50:39, Colin 51:07, Pat 56:24, Frazer 62:22

Another warm evening, well done, good effort all round

July Club Runs

Tues 5/7 Steady Run Auchencarroch, Back o Haldane, Balloch Park, Thurs 7/7 Steady Run Arden Roundabout

Tues 12/07 Riverbank run, Thurs 14/7, Away Day, Conic Hill from Garadhban

Tues 19/7 Steady Run Cycle Path, Tontine to Balloch, Thurs 21/7 Steady Run Stoneymollan via Renton w/Stevies loop

Tues 26/7 RACE Club 10k, Thurs 28/7 Steady Run Pappert Well

Ben Bowie results

A trifle warm for such a short race with plenty of airborne protein and one billious episode from the leading runner which thankfully nobody witnessed, great effort from everyone else as well, thankfully no blood and no sweaty pictures.

Results; Scott 52:29, Ally 53:35, Steph 53:57, Stevie 54:50, Andy 62:50

June runs and races

Tues 07/06 Easy Run Duck Bay, Thurs 09/06 Easy Run 3 Parks

Sat 11/06 RACE Cairngorm Ultra

Tues 14/06 Easy Run RTV, Thurs 16/06 Easy Run Cycle Path

Sat 18/06 RACE Loch Lomond 10k

Tues 21/06 Away day Auchengaich, Tharsuin, Choarach,Strone, Thurs 23/06 Steady Run Pappert Well

Tues 28/06 Easy Run RTV, Thurs 30/06 RACE Ben Bowie

Fairly Glen

Hot stuff in Balloch Park tonight, not too many midgies but plenty of flies/protein inhaled by the lucky ones that turned up.

Fairy Glen race results; Ally 24:17, Steph 24:34, Elaine 25:07, Andy 29:20, Pat 30:11.

Next Club race; Ben Bowie, Thurs 30th June

Stoneymollan Results

By Finish Time; Pat 58:49, Steph 63:48, Ally 64:02, Stevie C 64:30, Stevie M 64:58, Luke 65:00, Andy 66:43, Scott 67:40

By Run Time; Luke 40:00, Steph 44:48, Steve M 47:58, Ally 48:02, Scott 49:40, Stevie C 52:30, Andy 53:43, Pat 58:49

Pat receiving the Alex Robertson trophy from last years winner Stevie Cowper