Riverbank 5k results

It’s all about the shoes!!!

Steve 21:03, Ally 21:14, Jonny 21:51, Scott 22:19, Steph 24:04, Andy 24:45, Pat 27:38, Arend 30:56

March runs and races

Club race is the Riverbank 5k, Thurs.23rd

Tues 07/03 Steady Run Arden n back, Thurs 09/03 Tempo Cycle Path, M2T/Recov*2

Tues 14/03 HT Run Stoneymollan, Thurs 16/03 Overton Hill Reps, 10 mins on way out, 5 mins on way back

Tues 21/03 Steady Run RTV Flat, Thurs 23/03 RACE Riverbank 5k

Tues 28/03 Steady Run RTV Hilly, Thurs 30/03 RTV Fartlek+MM

Pappert Cross Country

Results from the new Club Cross Country race, 3 undulating laps round grassy and boggy trails behind Pappert, plenty of ditches and streams to cross and close on 300′ of ascent per lap;

Steve 52:18, Elaine 52:25, Jonny 54:38, Stgeph 56:53, Andy & Pat 2 n a bit laps 56:11, Ally ran too.

Club AGM

Please note the AGM will be held on Saturday 25/2 at 1300 in S McKeown abode.

We have cross country race in morning so hopefully members will be around to attend if free.

Look forward to seeing you all. Pat B.


1. Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Action – Chairman

2. Acceptance of Minutes of AGM held 16 October 2021

Action – Secretary

3. Re-election/Election of Committee Members

Chairperson – Re-election (S McKeown)

Treasurer – Re–election (P Burns)

Secretary- Re–election (P Burns)

Race Coordinator–Re-election (S Johnston)

Social Secretary–Re-election (Colin D Johnston)

4. Treasurer’s report

Action – Treasurer

5. Proposed Club Fees 2023

£15.00 Senior

£7.50 Junior/Senior Citizen/Student/Unemployed (Unchanged)

6. GP Championship race programme

Action – Race Coordinator

7. Social Secretary Report

Action – Social Secretary

8. AOB

February runs and races

This months race is Cross Country Sat 25th, a new route behind Pappert, we will have a recce, prob AM on the Sunday before for those who don’t want to get lost on race day.

Thurs 02/02 Pre race RTV

Tues 07/02 Steady, Flat, Burnbrae, DG’s,BhillBge,Balloch Horn,Lom Shs,Tullie, Hosp, Thurs 09/02 Speedwork 800*5

Tues 14/02, Steady Run BP, Haldane, GC, Pappert, Thurs 16/02 Hill Reps Molanbowie Circuit*2

Sun 19/02 RECCE new Pappert XC Route

Tues 21/02, Steady, Flat, Renton, PIE, Dillie, Balloch, Thurs 23/02 Steady Pre race RTV

Sat 25/02 AM RACE Pappert XC, PM AGM/Prizegiving, details TBC

Tues 28/02 Steady, Hilly, Burnbrae, Golf Club, Haldane, Balloch Park, Lom Shores, Thurs 02/03 Hill Reps Beechwood *5

Polaroid Cross Country

Results from todays race;

Luke 32:09, Steve 35:47, Elaine 36:05, Ally 36:31, Jonny 39:49, Steph 39:52, Andy 44:43

January Runs & Races

Tues 3/1 Steady Run Happy New Year, Thurs 05/01 Steady Run

Tues 10/01, Steady Run B Park, Haldane, Golf Club, Thurs 12/01 Speedwork Fartlek+MM

Tues 17/01, Head Torch run, Whinny Hill, Meet 6pm at the club or 6:20 Balloch Park Main Gate

Thurs 19/01 Hill Reps, 3 Hills behind club*2 sets

Tues 24/01 Steady Run, Pappert, Golf Club, Haldane, Thurs 26/01 Pre race Steady RTV

Sat 28/01 RACE Polaroid Cross Country, Time TBA

Tues 31/01, Head Torch run Ben Bowie

Balloch Park Cross Country

Finish order, times to follow;

Steve, Elaine, Scott, Ally, Andy, Pat

Run on snow and ice in freezing rain, well done to the runners!

December runs and races

Hi Millies, see below info for December. The last club race is the Balloch Park Cross Country, Sat 17th Dec, 10:00 am start.

We will follow this with an afternoon/evening social at The Loch Lomond Brewery Tap Room, open from 2pm, food available from Strathleven Deli (open unitl ~ 7:30pm).

Tues 06/12, RTV Flat(ish), Thurs 08/12 RTV Fartlek+MM,

Tues 13/12 Head Torch run, Ben Bowie, Thurs 15/12 Pre Race RTV

Sat 17/12 RACE Balloch Park Cross Country

Tues 20/12 Xmas lights run, Thurs 23/12 RTV

Tues 27/12 & Thurs 29/12/2022 No Club Run

November runs and races

Meet 6pm at the leisure centre except 8/11 6pm Balloch Park Gates & 19/11 9:00 am Stuart Macs.

Tues 01/11 Steady Run, 3 Hills, Mollanbowie, Haldane, GC, Thurs 03/11 Speedwork RTV Fartlek+ Millie Mile

Tues 08/11 Head Torch run Whinny Hill, Thurs 10/11/2022 Hill Reps 7*GC Double Hills

Tues 15/11 Steady Run RTV Flat, Burnbrae, DG’s, Bhill Bge, Balloch, Lom Shs,Tullie, Hosp, Thurs 17/11 Steady Run Pre race RTV

Sat 19/11 RACE Club Duathlon

Tues 22/11, Steady Run RTV Hilly, Pappert, GC, Haldane,. Thurs 24/11 Time Trial

Tues 29/11 Steady Run RTV, Burnbrae, Renton, Pol Ind Est, Dillie, Jamestown, Balloch, Club