Club Committee Meeting 14/7/2016

Please note there will be a meeting of the committee on Thursday 14th July at 6.30 in the Tully Inn. Agenda will be reports from Chair, Secretary, Treasury, Race/Training Coordinator. We will also be looking to organise a social event so if you have any suggestions for this or matters you wish to raise please pass them onto one of the Committee members. A training plan has been put in for next Thursday for members who wont be attending the meeting.

2 responses to “Club Committee Meeting 14/7/2016

  1. jim robertson

    what is wrong with club for meeting it is more central Jim R.jgm.r@hotmail


  2. patrickburns18

    The committee had last meeting there as there was a lack of room availability in the centre. It was a much more comfortable setting and free whereas we are having to pay for a meeting room in centre. As its only the committee who attend it was agreed we would hold the next meeting in the Tully Inn.


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