Weekenders (Navy Term)


My name is Dave Hall and I represent North Light Events Ltd

I would be grateful if you could make your members aware of a new series of Trail Running Events taking place in the Far North of Scotland.

Known as “Weekenders”, there will eventually be four Weekender Events annually. 

2017 sees the Pilot Event:

“The Assynt Trail Running Weekender” which comprises four trail running courses

Saturday:        Heart of Assynt 32km

                        Glencanisp 12km

Sunday:           Little Assynt 16km

                        Glencanisp 5km

Entry will open towards the end of January 2017.

Please add your email address for a newsletter in the “contact” section, for updates.

Or “Like” and “Comment” then modify your “notifications” on our Facebook page

Or, follow our Twitter feed.

Website: www.northlightevents.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/northlightevents.co.uk/#

Twitter: @northlightdave

Thanks for your time.

All the Best

Dave Hall

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