Highland Perthshire Marathon, Half Marathon and Cycling Sportive 13 & 26 mile


Highland Perthshire Marathon, Half Marathon and Cycling Sportive 13 & 26 mile


Clubs and Groups who have 6 entrants will get the 7th Place free, contact event secretary for details Jim Adams at hpmarathon@aol.com

RUN & Cycle Sportive (13 & 26 mile) option for only £10 plus the Run cost

The Highland Perthshire Marathon 2018 this year it is Run or Bike so if you have an excess of energy you might want to “bike” the course after your run. The start timings have been arranged to make this possible.

If you are on twitter please follow us @HPMarathon and also let other people or members of your Club know about our Marathon & Half Marathon, and if they wish they can run for any Charity. Running for a charity is a great way to boost your motivation and really does make a difference.  To find out more about these very worthwhile causes we are helping to support and how you can help make a difference please visit our website Highland Perthshire Marathon which has links to their sites and then contact them for sponsorship forms.

We also have a community page on facebook and our own website for your information is Highland Perthshire Marathon

Good luck and see you in September.

John Steele

HPM Organising

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