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10 Mile Handicap Results

Good effort from everyone on a damp Sunday morning, good for a road race, well done to Andy, 1st over the line!

Results by finish time;

Andy  1:22:09, Elaine 1:23:39: Steve 1:23:54, Pat 1:24:43, Steph 1:27:05


Steve 1:15:54, Elaine 1:16:09, Andy 1:19:09, Steph 1:21:05, Pat 1:24:43

10 Mile Handicap

Next race is the Ten Mile Handicap, Sunday 6th October, first off 9:30 am. See link below for animated route map from the route planner.

Source: Milburn Harriers 10 Mile Handicap on

5 Mile Handicap Results

Hot stuff on a humid night as 6 Millies scorched round the 5 mile handicap route!

Thanks again to Jim and Chris for timekeeping, results;

By finish time;

Pat 38:30, Elaine 38:30, Andy 39:02, Steph 39:44, Stevie M 39:46, Stevie C 40:46

By Run time;

Stevie M 34:46, Steph 35:44, Andy 37:02, Pat 38:30, Elaine 38:30, Stevie C 38:46

Ted Baker Pappert Well Hill Race Results

Well done everyone tonight, good conditions with just about enough mud. Thanks to Stevie and family for hosting and Jim and Chris for timekeeping. 

Handicap Winner Ladies, Elaine

Handicap Winner Gents, Bobby

Results, by finish time;

Bobby 64:48, Andy 68, Pat 68:50, Stevie McK 69:01, Stevie C 69:26, Steph 69:50,  Elaine 70:42, Roberta 72:15, Frazer 81:30

Results by run time;

Steve McK 45:01, Steph 45:50, Elaine 46:42, Andy 48, Roberta 50:15, Stevie C 50:26, Pat 53:50. Frazer 62:30, Bo 64:48

Club Races

Next Club races are;

Ted Baker – Pappert Well, Tuesday 20th August, meet 6:30 at Club or 6:45 at start

5 Mile Handicap, Tuesday 27th August, meet 6:30 at Club, recce of route will take place on the Club run Thurs 15th August

10K Results

Thanks to Jim and Chris for timekeeping and Lorna for encouragement, good running everyone, results;

Steve McK 45:22, Elaine 45:31, Steph 46:27, Roberta 47:54, Andy 48:36, Stevie C 49:31, Pat & Irene 55:38.

Club 10k

Next race is the Club 10k, Tuesday 30th July, meet at the leisure centre 6:30 for a 6:45 start