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5 Mile Handicap results

Cool running tonight, thanks again to Jim and Chris for keeping order and time!

Results by finish time;

Roberta 41:23, Stevie C 41:25, Yvonne 41:38, Pat 41:39, Elaine 41:50, Steph 42:11, Colin 42:18, Stevie M 42:35, Andy 42:52, Frazer 43:42

Results by runtime;

Steve M 35:35, Steph 36:11, Roberta 36:23, Elaine 37:50, Stevie C 38:25, Andy 39:52, Colin 40:18, Yvonne 41:38, Pat 41:39, Frazer 42:42

10 Mile Handicap next, Sat/Sun AM in October, please let us know dates that suit/don’t suit over the next week or so!

Riverbank 5k results

Thanks again to Jim and Chris for timekeeping, good to see you guys and a good night for our 5k.

Staggered start off 0, 2 and 4 minutes gave everyone someone to run away from &/or chase!


Steve M 21:21, Roberta 21:50, Steph 22:05, Lins 22:13, Stevie C 23:18, Andy 23:19, Frazer 24:51, Pat 25:10, Yvonne 25:12

5 mile handicap next Thursday, slight route change due to the roadworks on the bridge, map to follow!

10K Results

Thanks to Jim and Chris for timekeeping, nice night for it.

Results, Ally 46:00, Steph 46:11. Elaine 47:07, Andy 50:35, Stevie C 50:36, Pat 54:11, Yvonne 55:54, Lins 55:58.

See you next Thursday for the 5k.

Stoneymollan Results

Great conditions for tonight’s race for Alex’s trophy.┬áMisty on top with plenty of mud, heather and ferns, no-one admitted to getting lost!

Results By finish time;

Luke 49:51, Lorna 50:16, Steph 53:28, Steve M 54:06, Andy 54:52, Stevie C 55:31

Results by runtime;

Luke 44:51, Lorna 45:16, Steph 45:28, Steve M 46:06, Andy 51:52, Stevie C 55:31

Next up are the road races, the 10k first on Thurs 10th Sept.

Fairy Glen results

The midges stayed away leaving the runners free to concentrate on that hill in tonight’s three lap trot round Fairy Glen.


Steve 24:22, Steph 24:40, Ally 24:47, Elaine 25:20, Roberta 25:30, Andy 27:54, Pat 31:26

Great effort from everyone, see you at the Stoney next Thursday!

Ted Baker Pappert Well

Good turn out for tonight’s Ted Baker race, it certainly lived up to its pre race press release, plenty of mud and bugs and very muggy as well. By some mysterious fantastical achievement the handicapper crossed the line first!


By finish time. Steph 64:20, Elaine 64:23, Ally 64:42, Steve M 65:33, Roberta 66:14, Andrew 66:52, Pat 66:56, Bobby 71:20, Stevie C 72:01

By runtime; Steve M 45:39, Steph 45:44, Ally 47:00, Elaine 48:17, Roberta 48:44, Andrew 50:58, Stevie C 54:01, Pat 56:56, Bobby 71:20

Thanks to Steve and family for hosting, timekeeping, provision of cooling waters and jelly babies.

Hope to see you all at next weeks Fairy Glen race, less mud more bugs, meet 6:30 at the club or in the park for a 7pm start.


Ben Bowie Results

Good to be back with a wee toughie Club race, great night for it, it was good to see everyone again and well done great efforts all round with PB’s for Steve, Roberta and Andy, with Pat just over a minute behind his time, and looking good, superb!

Steve M 51:42, Steph 53:22, Ally 54:28, Roberta 54:42, Elaine 56:17, Andrew 56:30, Pat 63:20


Shall we go round again?

Races 2020

The latest dates for the rest of this years club races are as below, any changes will be posted here and on the club fb page.


  • Ben Bowie Thurs 23rd July


  • Ted Baker Thurs 13th Aug
  • Fairy Glen Thurs 20th Aug
  • Stoneymollan Thurs 27th Aug


  • 10k Thurs 10th Sept
  • Riverbank 5k Thurs 17th Sept
  • 5 Mile Handicap Thurs 24th Sept


10 Mile Handicap, Duathlon & Balloch Park XC Sat/Sun mornings, details TBC

Ben Bowie race

Trying to get this years GP back on track and we are running the Ben Bowie race this week, Thursday 23rd July, meet at Club at 6:30 or the start for 7:00pm. Hope to see you there.

Apologies for the short notice, if anyone can’t make it at that time, run it on your own and let us know your time.

Details of proposed dates for Aug and Sept to follow.

Club running update

We are now able to run in groups up to 5 with social distancing, hope you will come along and have a go and get some fitness back as lock down eases, meet 6:30 pm Tues & Thurs