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Ted Baker results

Trophy winners first over the line; Gents; Bobby, Ladies; Elaine

Results by finish time;

Bobby 1:11:23, Scott 1:12:20, Andy 1:12:32, Stevie C 1:13:04, Elaine 1:13:16, Roberta 1:13:27, Pat 1:13:36, Steph 1:14:22, Stevie M 1:14:40, Ally 1:16:15

Results by run time;

Roberta 44:27, Scott 45:20, Steph 46:22, Elaine 47:16, Steve M 47:40, Ally 49:15, Andy 49:32, Stevie C 52:04, Pat 61:36, Bobby 71:23

Thanks to Steve and family for hosting, Jim for timekeeping

August runs & races

Hill Reps03/08/2021Auchencarroch Track*5
Steady Run05/08/2021Arden Roundabout
Speedwork10/08/2021Milburn Mile*4-5
Steady Run12/08/2021Ted Baker recce
Tempo17/08/2021wu, 2 miles tempo, 5 mins easy, 2 miles tempo, wd
Steady Run19/08/2021Ben Bowie
RACE21/08/2021Luss Lolipop, not a club race but local one, Bein Dubh plus Mid Hill/Beinn Dubh, details & pre-entry via link
RACE24/08/2021Ted Baker
Steady Run26/08/2021TBC

10k results

Results; Steph 47:13, Stevie M 51:15, Andy 52:59, nice and warm tonight!

July Club Runs

06/07/2021 WU, 2 miles tempo, 5 mins easy, 2 miles tempo, WD

08/07/2021 Alternative Pappert Well

13/07/2021 Time Trial

15/07/2021 Auchencarroch, Back o Haldane, Balloch Park

20/07/2021 10K RACE

22/07/2021 Stoney via Renton with Stevies loop

27/07/2021 Overton Hill Loops*4-5

29/07/2021 CP to Dton, back via Dton GC

Stoneymollan Results

A very dry Stoney for tonight’s race with a wee breeze to keep the midges away, great to have Jim and Chris timekeeping at the start and finish, thanks to you guys again!

Handicap Winner Stevie C

Results by finish time;

Stevie C 57:00, Pat 57:48, Andy 60:54, Stevie M 62:00, Steph 62:12, Luke 62:12 1/2, Roberta 64:13, Bobby 70:45

Results by run time;

Luke 39:12 1/2, Steph 43:12, Steve M 44:00, Roberta 44:13, Andy 48:54, Stevie C 51:00, Pat 59:48, Bobby 70:45

Fairy Glen Results

Steve M 23:42 (7:29, 8:05, 8:08), Steph 24:06 (7:56, 8:06, 8:04), Scott 24:50 (7:20, 8:30, 9:00), Andy 28:33 (9:24, 9:40, 9:29), Bobby 30:10 2*longer laps (14:48, 15:22).

Tonight was warm and midgy, thanks very much to Jim Chris and David who endured to support and keep times.

Next race Stoneymollan, Tuesday 22nd June, meet 6:30 at the club or 6:45 at the start.

June runs and races

Runs and races for June, see the Calendar for details; Tues 1st Stoney Hill Reps, Thursday, 3 June Steady Run, Tuesday, 8 June, Speedwork, Milburn Miles, Thursday, 10 June, Steady Run, Tuesday, 15 June Fairy Glen RACE, Thursday, 17 June Steady Run, Tuesday, 22 June Stoneymollan RACE, Thursday, 24 June Solstice Run (suggestions??), Tuesday, 29 June BP Zig Zag Hill Reps, Thursday, 1 July Steady Run

Ben Bowie results

Results from tonight’s trail race, suitably warm and midgy, well done all, big thank you to Jim for timekeeping.

Roberta 48:12, Steph 50:13, Steve M 50:24, Scott 55:13, Andy 59:38, Pat 1:04:30, Bobby 1:22:16

Riverbank 5k

Good night for a 5k, well done everyone, great efforts all round, results;

Roberta 20:20, Steve M 20:50, Scott 21:16, Ally 21:19, Elaine 21:52, Steph 22:23, Stevie C 23:18, Andy 24:15, Pat 25:15, Frazer 25:28

Next Race Ben Bowie Tues 25th, meet 6:30 at the club for a run to the start, or 6:47 at the start.

Club runs and races

Runs and races added for May, two races, Riverbank 5k & Ben Bowie and a couple of off road runs, details for off road runs to be agreed nearer the time

  • 4th Hill reps, Auchencarroch Farm Track
  • 6th Steady, Arden Roundabout
  • 11th Time Trial
  • 13th Steady, off road, Whangie
  • 18th RACE, Riverbank 5k
  • 20th Steady, Cycle Path to DTon, back via DTon Golf Club
  • 25th RACE, Ben Bowie
  • 27th Steady, off road, Strone/Mahanaich