Stoneymollan Results

20190604_200023Winner Pat receiving the trophy from last years winner Steve

Good effort from everyone, especially those who got a wee bit lost!

By Handicap

Pat 53:02, Steph 55:05, Steve M 57:04, Stevie C 61:56, Andy 62:06, Daniel 73


Steph 43:05, Steve M 45:04, Steve C 49:56, Pat 53:02, Andy 53:06, Daniel 58


Stoneymollan Race

Next race is the Stoneymollan, Tuesday 4th June, meet 6:30 at the club or 6:45 at the start.


Stoneymollan 2012

Riverbank 5k Results

Steve 20:14, Elaine 20:49, Steph 21:57, David 22:02, Andy 23:43, Pat 24:24, Sally 43:00, JR & Chris 50:02, well  done good effort from everyone!

Riverbank 5K

Next Club race is the Riverbank 5k on Tuesday 16th April, meet at the club 6:30 or at the start at the back entrance to Cameron House on Luss road at 6:45.

Club AGM

Prizes , food and drink, 23rd March 2019, Stevies Hoose, Dalmonach Road, anytime after 18:30. All associated with our wee club welcome!

If there is anything you would like added to the agenda or for discussion, let Stevie, Pat or Steph know.


Whinny Hill Results

Steve 43:27, Steph 46:40, Andy 64:01, JR & JD 98, good to see Pete at the finish and Bobby too

Whinny Hill Cross Country

Date chosen is Sunday 17th Feb, start 10:00 am in front of the Castle in Balloch Park, map of route below.

Whinny Hill Route