Millie racing

Results for Millies over the last couple of weeks….any errors or if I’ve missed you, let me know!

Sat 9th May;

Kintyre Way 37 mile ultra; Steve McKeown 6:52, Kenny McInnes 8:20, Frazer Ferguson 9:08.

Ben Lomond, Stevie Cowper 1:38:45, Paul McCowatt 1:47:48, Steph Johnston 1:52:19.

Wed 13th May;

Whangie Whizz; Stevie Cowper 39:10, Steph Johnston 42:41.

Thurs 14th May;

Helensburgh 10k, Chip/Gun, Paul McCowatt 42:53/43:21, Pat Burns 44:21,44:42, Emma Sharp 51:03/51:29, Mary-Anne Cameron 59:02/59:29

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