More Millie Racing, May to June

Club results from Dumbarton 10k to Polaroid 10k, let me know of any errors or omissions….

21st May Dumbarton 10k; Stevie Cowper 40:33/41:10, Paul 42:25/42:38, Emma 51:09/51:22, Yvonne 50:33/51:55, Mary-Anne 57:06/58:00.

23rd May Jura; Lorna 6:21:56, Steph 6:25:20

24th May, Mull of Kintyre 1/2, Emma 1:57:27/1:56:57

28th May, Clydebank 10k; Paul 43:31/43:40, Pat 44:50/45:04, Emma 49:43/49:57, Mary-Anne 58:14/58:35.

30th May Slioch, Steph 3:40:42

31st May, Edinburgh 1/2; Yvonne 1:54:04

3rd June, Cort Ma Law, Stevie 1:04:13, Steph 1:11:24

6th June, Killearn 10k; Emma 51:57

7th June Polaroid 10k; Paul 42:44/42:53, Pat 44:16/44:24, Frazer 45:39/45:48, Emma 49:51/50:09, Yvonne 50:14/50:31, Mary-Anne 1:00:23/1:00:51

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