Luss Highland Games, Sat 4th July

A message below from Alan Fleming encouraging local participation. (I can thoroughly recommend this having taken part for a number of years in races from 100m to 1600m and the hills of course, great fun and a few quid to be had as well, Steph).

As a member of Dumbarton AAC and as someone who grew up in Luss, this year I was asked to became a member of the Luss Highland Games Committee. One of the things we are trying to improve is the level of participation in the Athletics events from the local community. Athletics events include 90m, 200m, 800m 1600m and the Hill race. ((x2) Local and Open events)

This year we have decided to try something new in the form of a 5000M track race. The track is approximately 266m long so a 5000m would equate to 19 laps. One of the formats we are considering is that the race would be a handicapped start based upon runners recent 10K time and all runners would run until the latter stages (approximately the 12th Lap) when the last person finishing the lap would be eliminated and drop out. This would hopefully make it more appealing to the spectators. This may be difficult to marshal and if it proves to be to confusing due to number of runners, handicapping, counting laps etc, we would revert to a handicapped flat race

Decent prize money is awarded in both local and open events for first, second and third in each Event. Usually as follows

Local: – 1st £25, 2nd £15 & 3rd £10
Open: – 1st £60, 2nd £35 & 3rd £20, the 5000m would be an open event

Luss games will take place on Saturday the 4th July between 11:00 and 16:00. The 5000m will take place at approximately 14:15. Entry to the games is £6, but competitors will receive £4 back when they register for events in the secretary’s tent.

The Highland games can be a great day out for all the family. There will be lots of activities in the field, such as soft play, face painting, as well as lots of things to watch and enjoy.

I would appreciate it if you could distribute this information to club members.

I look forward to hopfully seeing some of your club members on the day.


Alan Fleming,
Luss Highland Games Committee

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