Date selected is Sat the 21st Nov, start 10:00 am

4 responses to “Duathlon

  1. Sorry, wont make it, have a wedding that day which I had forgotten about.


  2. I can’t make race on Saturday’s JUDO Club for Juniors I know I have not run a club race for a while but what happened to the club races that where supposed to be on Sundays so that the unlucky people the had to work on saturdays could take part as well.it is not that we have a great numbers that we can just cut out of our runs. JImR


  3. Plan was to have a race on a Saturday and then go out for soirrie afterwards. This is not practicable for those working if done on a Sunday. Not sure if soirrie is going ahead as yet.


  4. Hi Jim, we were asked to put on a Sat race with a soiree after, we chose the next race which was the duathlon. The Balloch Park XC has a choice of 6 days, 3 Sat and 3 Sun. Voting is a new way for us to pick race dates and after the XC we’ll take feedback on this approach, Steph


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