5 Mile Handicap results

Cool running tonight, thanks again to Jim and Chris for keeping order and time!

Results by finish time;

Roberta 41:23, Stevie C 41:25, Yvonne 41:38, Pat 41:39, Elaine 41:50, Steph 42:11, Colin 42:18, Stevie M 42:35, Andy 42:52, Frazer 43:42

Results by runtime;

Steve M 35:35, Steph 36:11, Roberta 36:23, Elaine 37:50, Stevie C 38:25, Andy 39:52, Colin 40:18, Yvonne 41:38, Pat 41:39, Frazer 42:42

10 Mile Handicap next, Sat/Sun AM in October, please let us know dates that suit/don’t suit over the next week or so!

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