Polaroid Cross Country Results

Great running from old faces and new for our first race back on a slightly changed route, less road and path but a similar distance via a couple of extra twists and turns. Ally unlucky to have to pull up after lap 1. Jim kept us in line and on time, thank you! Lorna, Luke and Irene watched, Lorna fed the masses with Muffins at the end, results;

Roberta 33:44 (16:38, 17:06), Scott 35:03 (16:43, 18:20), Stevie M 35:09 (16:38, 18:31), Elaine 35:46 (17:31, 18:15), Steph 35:56 (17:44, 18:12), Colin 37:07 (18:16, 18:51), Andy 40:45 (19:46, 20:59), Pat 41:20 (20:05, 21:15), Frazer 46:46 (21:06, 25:40).

Next race Whinny Hill, Tuesday 27th April, meet 18:30 at Balloch Castle

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