October runs and races

See below runs for October, date for 10 mile handicap race is Sunday 24th, starts 9:00 am

Tues 28/09/2021 Hill Reps 7*GC Double Hills

Thurs 30/09/2021 Steady Run Club 10k route, incr pace every 2 miles

Tues 05/10/2021 Speedwork Milburn Mile*4-5

Thurs 07/10/2021 Steady Run Head Torch Run

Tues 12/10/2021 Time Trial 4.2 mile TT

Thurs 14/10/2021 Steady Run Balloch Park, Haldane, Golf Club

Tues 19/10/2021 Fartlek Roon The Vale

Thurs 21/10/2021 Steady Run Club 10K Route in reverse

Sun 24/10/21 10 Mile Handicap Race

Tues 26/10/2021 Easy run RTV Fartlek

Thurs 28/10/2021 Steady Run Beechwood, GC, Haldane

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