Ted Baker Pappert Well race

Next Club race is Pappert Well, Thursday 20th Sept, hope to see you there, meet 18:30 at the club or 18:40 at the start


Fairy Glen results

Steve Mck 21:59, Lins 22:59, Steph 25:30, Pat 28:45, good night and good running!

Fairy Glen

Fairy Glen race Thurs 6th Sept, meet 6:30 at club or in the park, aiming for a 6:50 start, hope to see you there.

Milburn 10k Results

Steve McK 43:51, Elaine 46:22, Paul 47:38, Steph 48:45, David 49:45, well done everyone, particulary Paul who missed the start and ran on his own in the opposite direction!

Stoneymollan results

Steve McK 38:12, Paul McC 38:59, Lins 40:15, Steph 41:20, Pat 51:05, Bobby 54:22, Fraser C 56:17, well done all!920180814_203112.jpg

Club races….Stoneymollan and 10k

Hi Millies, Aug calendar updated, two races added, Stoneymollan next Tuesday and 10k the Tuesday after. Note Stoney will be different route this year as descent from Fort overgrown. Start will be at the steps behind Renton finishing at the gate at the top of the tarmac up from the usual start point, recce in club run Thurs 9th. Hope to see you there.

10 Mile Handicap

Sun 6th May, starts at 10:00 am, hope to see you there