2022 GP

To kick off this years GP the Polaroid Cross Country, Sat 29th Jan, 9:00 am start

Balloch Park Cross Country Results

A good day for Cross Country, the ground was nice and firm with good grip except for the mud which was muddy!

Results – Daniel 36:07, Steph 38:23, Elaine 38:35, Steve 39:24, Andy 43:59, Pat 45:21, Arend 45:28

Balloch Park Cross Country

Last race of the 2021 GP, date is Sat 8th Jan, 9:00 am start in front of Balloch Castle

Duathlon tales

Club Duathlon this morning, thanks to Jim for time keeping, bike watch and crowd control.

Apologies to Roberta who ran an extra 500 yards* and would have been quickest overall with the proper route!!

Results by finish time;

Steph 1:29:28, Steve 1:31:00, Pat 1:31:40, Ally 1:32:31, Andy 1:34:30, Roberta 1:35:00

Results by actual time Run/Bike/Total;

Steph 28:55/51:33/1:19:28, Roberta 30:18*/49:42/1:20:00, Steve 28:40/52:20/1:21:00, Ally 29:12/53:19/1:22:31, Pat 35:05/56:35/1:31:40, Andy 32:00/62:40/1:34:40

December runs

Tues 7th RTV Fartlek

Thurs 9th 3 Hills, Park, Haldane, GC

Sun 12th, RACE, Club Duathlon, 9:00 am start

Tues 14th Hill reps, Beechwood*5

Thurs 16th XMAS Lights run

Tues 21st 5*mile reps, tempo pace w/60 secs recov

Thurs 23rd RTV

Tues 28th & Thurs 30th No Club Run

Tues 4th Jan Steady run

Tues 6th Jan Steady run

November runs

November runs as below, next race is the Duathlon, Sun 12th Dec

Tues 2/11 Hill Reps, Mollanbowie Circuit*2

Thurs 4/11 Steady Run RTV, Burnbrae, DG’s, Bhill Bge, Dillie, Balloch, Lom Shores, Tullie

Tues 9/11 Speedwork Lom Shores, 1*1800,3*800,5*400, Pace 10k/5k/3k, recov 3min/2min/1min

Thurs 11/11, RTV, 3 Hills, Mollanbowie, Haldane, GC

Tues 16/11 Speedwork, 5*mile reps, tempo pace w/60 secs recov

Thurs 18/11 Steady Run, RTV

Tues 23/11 Fartlek+MM

Thurs 25/11 4 Hills

Tues 30/11 Speedwork WU, 3*2 Mile tempo,WD

10 mile handicap results

Mixture of sun and showers for todays race and a nice blustery head wind as we ran down Auchencarroch.

Results by finish time; Steph 90:31, Steve 91:34, Ally 92:01, Elaine 92:10, Andy 92:35, Pat 92:59, Elaine B 94:28

Results by run time; Ally 77:01, Elaine 77:10, Steph 78:31, Steve 79:34, Andy 84:35, Pat 91:59, Elaine B 94:28

October runs and races

See below runs for October, date for 10 mile handicap race is Sunday 24th, starts 9:00 am

Tues 28/09/2021 Hill Reps 7*GC Double Hills

Thurs 30/09/2021 Steady Run Club 10k route, incr pace every 2 miles

Tues 05/10/2021 Speedwork Milburn Mile*4-5

Thurs 07/10/2021 Steady Run Head Torch Run

Tues 12/10/2021 Time Trial 4.2 mile TT

Thurs 14/10/2021 Steady Run Balloch Park, Haldane, Golf Club

Tues 19/10/2021 Fartlek Roon The Vale

Thurs 21/10/2021 Steady Run Club 10K Route in reverse

Sun 24/10/21 10 Mile Handicap Race

Tues 26/10/2021 Easy run RTV Fartlek

Thurs 28/10/2021 Steady Run Beechwood, GC, Haldane

5 mile handicap results

Results by finish time (run time+hcap);

Elaine B 42:39, Andy 43:29, Ally 43:31, Stevie M 43:39, Steph 43:50, Elaine 44:07 Arend 44:29, Pat 44:53, Scott 47:28

Results by runtime;

Ally 35:01, Elaine 35:07, Stevie M 35:39, Steph 35:50, Andy 38:29, Scott 38:58, Arend 40:29, Pat 41:53, Elaine B 42:39

September runs & races

Hill Reps31/08/2021Overton Hills 2* 3*3*3
Steady Run02/09/2021Riverbank run
Tempo07/09/2021wu, 3*2 miles tempo, 5 mins easy, wd
Steady Run – off road09/09/2021ACW Stoney w/Stevies loop
RACE14/09/20215 Mile Handicap
Steady Run16/09/2021Balloch Park, Back o Haldane, Auchencarroch
Speedwork21/09/2021Lomond Shores, 2*400, 1*800,1*1800,1*800,2*400
Steady Run23/09/2021TBC