November runs

November runs as below, next race is the Duathlon, Sun 12th Dec

Tues 2/11 Hill Reps, Mollanbowie Circuit*2

Thurs 4/11 Steady Run RTV, Burnbrae, DG’s, Bhill Bge, Dillie, Balloch, Lom Shores, Tullie

Tues 9/11 Speedwork Lom Shores, 1*1800,3*800,5*400, Pace 10k/5k/3k, recov 3min/2min/1min

Thurs 11/11, RTV, 3 Hills, Mollanbowie, Haldane, GC

Tues 16/11 Speedwork, 5*mile reps, tempo pace w/60 secs recov

Thurs 18/11 Steady Run, RTV

Tues 23/11 Fartlek+MM

Thurs 25/11 4 Hills

Tues 30/11 Speedwork WU, 3*2 Mile tempo,WD

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