Duathlon tales

Club Duathlon this morning, thanks to Jim for time keeping, bike watch and crowd control.

Apologies to Roberta who ran an extra 500 yards* and would have been quickest overall with the proper route!!

Results by finish time;

Steph 1:29:28, Steve 1:31:00, Pat 1:31:40, Ally 1:32:31, Andy 1:34:30, Roberta 1:35:00

Results by actual time Run/Bike/Total;

Steph 28:55/51:33/1:19:28, Roberta 30:18*/49:42/1:20:00, Steve 28:40/52:20/1:21:00, Ally 29:12/53:19/1:22:31, Pat 35:05/56:35/1:31:40, Andy 32:00/62:40/1:34:40

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