Ted Baker results

Trophy winners first over the line; Gents; Bobby, Ladies; Elaine

Results by finish time;

Bobby 1:11:23, Scott 1:12:20, Andy 1:12:32, Stevie C 1:13:04, Elaine 1:13:16, Roberta 1:13:27, Pat 1:13:36, Steph 1:14:22, Stevie M 1:14:40, Ally 1:16:15

Results by run time;

Roberta 44:27, Scott 45:20, Steph 46:22, Elaine 47:16, Steve M 47:40, Ally 49:15, Andy 49:32, Stevie C 52:04, Pat 61:36, Bobby 71:23

Thanks to Steve and family for hosting, Jim for timekeeping

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